New Releases (April 2018)

April saw me working two events, and releasing two new stories – as well as launching this website!

At Cork Comic Expo, on April 7th, myself and Gareth Luby launched Frankie’s Big Book of Assassination. This is the third comic zine we’ve released featuring Frankie, and the fourth book overall when you include Frankie’s First Colouring and Activity Book for Grown Up Kids. The  comic is our first in full colour that’s gone to print, following our adventures into colour with A Knight’s Tail, published in One Comic to Rule Them All – the anthology organised by Comic Book Hour.

A week later, I launched The Blood of Leap at Cosmic Rebels Comic Con in Enniscorthy. The book is the third in The Rebirth Cycle, and the fourth book published when you include Old Gods and Wicked Things, the companion short story collection. It’s a lot more violent than the other books in the series, and delves into the bloody history of Leap Castle – a real place, in Co. Offaly – as part of the myth-building in the story. The ebook is on its way.

I love the feeling of releasing a new book. I still remember the first time I had anything in print, bringing Balor Reborn and The Hounds of Hell to the first ever Geek Mart, and putting together Old Gods and Wicked Things ahead of the next one. Stepping Forward came a bit later, but it was an older book. I didn’t have anything else new until A Death in the Family, at K-Con – my first ever convention.

While I don’t think it’s necessary to find a convention to release a new book at, there’s something special about having an event to act as a launching platform. And having all of those books on the table beside each other remains something magical.

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