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Beginning audio production in the class of Liz Greene, I've produced a short audio drama, with plans in place to create subsequent pieces (related and otherwise.)

I also worked as a sound technician during the shooting and editing of CO/MIX, and I've edited a number of ungraded projects in Pro Tools and Adobe Audition.

Audio Dramas

Produced in 2014, Love at First Date is a short audio drama starring Darren Lalor as Jimmy, and Aisling Hayes as Suzie. Drawing inspiration from the work of Roddy Doyle, it tells the story of a blind date between two Northsiders with different expectations from their relationship.

The (admittedly simple) music was played on a ukulele at home, while the rest of the production was recorded as close to the actual location as possible. The dialogue was recorded outdoors on a rainy day in DCU, while the sounds of the park were recorded at Albert College Park on an earlier date.

The piece was edited on Pro Tools as an assignment for DCU's M.Sc. in Multimedia.

More to Come!

Producing audio work is a fun way to share stories in a different way, but with the effort required during the making of CO/MIX, I was unable to continue this summer. But fear not! In 2016, I'll be releasing more audio productions, including more audio dramas, some properly recorded poetry, and maybe even a podcast! (I'm actually really interested in your thoughts on that last one, so if you'd like to read a bit about why I want to podcast, and share some insight and opinion on what I should do, please check out this blog post on the subject. Many thanks!)