A web documentary About Comic Book Culture in Ireland, created as part of the M.Sc. in Multimedia in DCU with Matthew Ashe, Darragh O'Riordan and Ciaran Byrne.


My personal YouTube channel, with awkward video blogs, readings of poetry, and the occasional instructional video.

Music Videos

As part of an assignment for DCU's M.Sc. in Multimedia, I worked as part of a group to produce a music video for Blivet She, by Dublin-based artist Happiness Cage. I drew up the original storyboard for the video, and helped source one of the actors (Darren Lalor). After the shooting days, I took the controls during the editing process, to capture some of the intrigue of the characters on-screen, and to cut it as close to a story as possible with the acquired footage.


In March 2015, I travelled to Bray with the group of producers who would later make up my thesis group, Blivet, to meet Roger Doyle. One of Ireland's leading contemporary composers, and an early user of electronic instruments in composition in Ireland, Doyle gave us an interview - the first of many we'd conduct in the five months since our visit to his home. I worked as videographer and assistant light director for the shoot, our first time working as a group on a video assignment.

Commercial Videos

During the summer of 2015, I edited a series of videos about Healthy Food for All, a small Irish charity. In September, I put together a unique edit for their entry to the Better Together video competition for Irish charities. The footage was supplied by Georgina Buffini of Healthy Food for All, and arranged according to the needs of the charity following a brief discussion over the contents of the video.

Convention Videos

Anime Dublin in 2015 was used as a means for the CO/MIX team to rehearse convention practices ahead of the summer events. Testing the waters in shooting locations, angles and styles, as well as the varying roles at conventions, we were able to prepare ourselves to pitch the project to the thesis panel at DCU for our M.Sc. in Multimedia summer producion. This video was edited for the purpose of the convention using footage from every camera, and music from Kevin MacLeod.

Q-Con 2015 provided an opportunity to shoot a behind-the-scenes video of the production of CO/MIX. While project Director Matthew Ashe manned the main camera for the convention, I took to recording additional pieces of footage - some of which were used in the main documentary. From time to time, Matthew also took hold of the handicam to capture footage from a higher angle.


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