Design Portfolio

Logo & Product Design

Left to right, the logos are for: Cupán Fae, my writing group; Pocket Prompts, my creative writing product; and Plexus, my ongoing sci-fi anthology comic. The second row are logos for use on Pocket Prompts cards.

Pocket Prompt samples

Cover Design

As an independent author, I take pride in my cover designs. Below are samples from the Cupán Fae range of anthologies, the covers from The Rebirth Cycle, and covers from two collections from 2019.

Cupán Fae anthologies

The Rebirth Cycle


Marketing Materials

Business Cards

Banners – Used at Conventions


I worked with Gareth Luby to create his portfolio website. Gareth is an artist, and needed something simple and to the point that would allow him to showcase his work.

I used to create Gareth’s website. This offered some key advantages to Gareth as a client:

  • The theme can be updated easily if he wants to change the site layout
  • WordPress is easy to use, allowing him to add new material to his website
  • WordPress allows him to add team members, in case he needs assistance in managing content in the future.

As well as Gareth’s website, I designed and maintain my own website and the website for Limit Break Comics. Both are evolving entities, changing over time as new needs develop.