Enter a world of magic, wonder, Death, love and all sorts of impossible things. In-world, the Black Pages is a magical equivalent of the Yellow Pages, an international phone book for the mystical, magical and downright weird. Within its pages, you can find a magical detective, a necromancer, helplines, literal dream catchers, witches for hire and so much more.

In our world, The Black Pages is a series of supernatural fantasy books, published across arcs.

The Reaper

The Reaper arc follows the exploits of Ben Cooper, the latest in a long line of people to take up the mantle of Reaper. In Ben’s case, it’s to pay off his parents’ supernatural mortgage.

Currently available:

  1. A Death in the Family
  2. The Undying and the Dead

The Magic Man

The Magic Man is the one and only Kurt Crane: magician, former detective, resurrecting immortal. While moping around London in the mid 2010s, Kurt is dragged into an adventure that brings him around the world in a desperate attempt to put off rediscovering love or putting himself back in permanent employment.

Currently available:

  1. Second Sight for Sore Eyes
  2. State of Despayre (coming soon)

Reading Order

Because The Black Pages is published in arcs, there are two reading orders: by publication date, or by arc. I personally recommend the former. Each book teases new information to readers, and as Ben and Kurt’s stories catch up with another, that order will lead readers to a more satisfying reveal.

Other material!

I’m a big fan of making stuff related to my books. In this case, there are currently two additional sources of content – a book and a zine!

Tales of the Fantastical contains several stories from the universe of The Black Pages, including many that hint at things to come in the books.

The Necromancer’s Field Guide to Raising a Family is an in-world zine created by the mysterious A.S., providing guidance on his ritual for raising the dead.