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My use of social media is wide and varied according to use. There are many ways to get in touch with me, so here's a simple guide on the best ways according to your need.


A list of events I'll be attending, if you prefer face-to-face conversation. Otherwise, there are lots of other ways to get in touch below. This list is updated regularly.

Geek-Mart: June 4th

A Simple Guide to Getting in Touch (if you're not too sure)

Email: paul (at) paulcarrollwriter (dot) com

Long and/or formal messages are best reserved for email. I will still reply to them if they're sent somewhere else, but because I address my email on a laptop, and treat the inbox like it's sacred, I can respond with a better understanding and appreciation of your message than through any other method.


Best advised if you're writing a short, informal message. My phone is a like an extra appendage, so I can usually respond to messages quickly if you've kept your message simple and easy to read. Most of the time I have access to Facebook, it's through an app; longer messages tend to be ignored until later in the day.


Twitter has a 140 character limit for a reason. Tweets should be kept short and sweet. I respond to every tweet sent to me, and I'm mroe than willing to open up a conversation on Twitter, RT parts of the conversation that I think people will find interesting, and follow you if you make a really good impression. Like Facebook, I use it through my phone a majority of the time.


The "professional social network" is best served for everything that falls under that descriptor. I'm open to connecting and messaging through the platform, though I prefer to have a little context provided when someone attempts to connect. A short message goes a long way, and I'm less inclined to think of a connection request as spam.

I look forward to hearing from you, whatever your reason may be. If there's anything a summer of connecting to professionals in the comic book industry taught me during the production of CO/MIX, it's that meeting new people (online and offline) is one of the great joys of life.