Paul Carroll is a writer and comic creator from Dublin. Taking a fascination with old myths to a new level, he began developing The Rebirth Cycle – a series of books in which the old gods and faeries attempt to return, some of them causing a lot of trouble along the way. Since the print publication of Balor Reborn, Paul has also combined his interest in the Irish comic scene with his desire to tell stories; he teamed up with Gareth Luby in the creation of Meouch, taking Gareth’s desire to tell a story about his potentially homicidal kitten Frankie and filling it with guns and puns galore. He also writes The Wren with Buttonpress Publications, while developing his own comics.

His current line up of books includes The Rebirth Cycle and The Black Pages.

Paul leads the organisation of The Geek Mart, and runs Comix Ireland.

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