Books, comics and graphic novels by Paul Carroll

The Black Pages

A Death in the Family

The Reaper, Book 1

A Death in the Family is a tale of paying for others’ decisions, seeking to understand dying, and falling hopelessly in love.

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The Undying and the Dead

The Reaper, Book 2

The Undying and the Dead is a story of coming to grips with a new world, and looking for love in mysterious places.

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Second Sight for Sore Eyes

The Magic Man, Book 1

Second Sight for Sore Eyes is a tale of mystery, magic and murder as a newly young wizard takes on an old evil.

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Myth Anthologies

Turning Roads: Irish Folklore Stories

Turning Roads is an anthology of Irish folklore comics, retelling old myths and legends in modern and future settings.

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Down Below: Greek Myth Noir Comics

Down Below is a collection of noir comics inspired by Greek mythology.

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Fractured Realms: An Anthology of Norse Horror Comics

Fractured Realms is an anthology of horror comics inspired by Norse mythology.

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Meouch #1 – Hell’s Bells

Meouch is an action-comedy featuring a gun-toting, pun-cracking assassin cat named Frankie. In the series’ first issue, Frankie is up against a deadly little of killer cats known as the Nine Lives, whose handy work is getting in the way of his business.

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Meouch #2 – Mission Impawsible

In the second issue of the Nine Lives arc, Frankie is in a race against time to save the one person he still calls family. Cats, dogs and assorted mysteries conspire to keep him down. But our favourite little murder cat isn’t about to be stopped.

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Comic Collections

Plexus #1

Issue #1 takes a focus on human interests and the connections that tie us together, across three short stories.

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Plexus #2

Issue #2 takes a focus on the interconnectedness of chaos, and the monsters we face in our lives, across three short stories.

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Life & Death

Life & Death is a collection of supernatural short stories, with ghosts and magic on one side (Orange), and zombies and vampires on the other (Green).

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Limit Break Presents #1

Issue #1 explores Secrets.

In this issue: Shine!

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The Rebirth Cycle

Balor Reborn

Book 1

Based on the old Irish myth of Balor of the Evil Eye, Balor Reborn is the first in a series that seeks to revive the magic of Ireland.

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The Hounds of Hell

Book 2

Dogs are going wild in Galway, unable to be killed. Gathering around a black hound, they put Ireland at risk.

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The Blood of Leap

Book 3

Europe’s most haunted castle, three heroes, one witch, more spirits than can be counted, and a tour group of innocent victims in waiting.

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Old Gods and Wicked Things

Flash Stories

In 22 flash stories, a host of monsters and men will show their true selves.

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Standalone Prose and Poetry

Tales of the Fantastical: Vol 1

Over 60 SFF stories

Tales of the Fantastical is one writer’s equivalent of an artbook, showcasing new and old work within the un-boundaries of speculative fiction.

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Stepping Forward

Standalone science fantasy

Stepping Forward was originally written in 2010, navigating friendship and loss through genre fiction.

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Erasure #1

Blackout poetry

Erasure is a chapbook series of blackout poetry. The first volume was launched in June 2023.

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Cupán Fae Anthologies

Dublin’s Fierce City

A Fantasy and Sci-fi Anthology

In Dublin’s Fierce City, nine writers from the group present seventeen tales of magic and wonder.

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Fierce Mighty

An Irish Superhero Anthology

In Fierce Mighty, eight writers explore the world of caped-crusaders across Ireland.

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Fierce New World

An Irish Sci-fi Anthology

In Fierce New World, eight writers explore the depths of Science Fiction, from robots and time travel, to space exploration and mutant uprisings.

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Fierce & Proud

A Quare Queer Anthology

In Fierce & Proud, eight writers tell tales of LGBT lives and loves, telling quare queer stories in a way unique to the Irish, crossing genres and exploring the world through many lenses.

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A Punk Subgenre Anthology

In Fiercepunk, eight writers engage with over a dozen subgenres of punk literature. Explore revised histories, discover dystopian futures, and magical makeovers of modern Earth.

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A Hopepunk Anthology

In Fierce, five writers explore the bastion of optimism: Hopepunk.

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