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Second Sight for Sore Eyes (The Black Pages – The Magic Man, Book 1)

Kurt Crane, Magic Man, former detective, and reincarnated immortal, is coming out of retirement.

Second Sight for Sore Eyes is a tale of mystery, magic and murder as a newly young wizard takes on an old evil.

A Death in the Family (The Black Pages – The Reaper, Book 1)

Benjamin Cooper is about as close to death as someone can get, without actually dying. Literally.

A Death in the Family is a tale of paying for others’ decisions, seeking to understand dying, and falling hopelessly in love.

The Undying and the Dead (The Black Pages – The Reaper, Book 2)

Life as Death is never simple.

For Benjamin Cooper, settling into his new job is complicated by a glitch in the system.

Armed with a Scythe, some training in magic and a Death sentence, Ben faces unforeseen challenges in corrupting souls, the fallout of an apocalypse, and a crush on an undying girl.

Balor Reborn (The Rebirth Cycle, Book 1)

Based on the old Irish myth of Balor of the Evil Eye, Balor Reborn is the first in a series that seeks to revive the magic of Ireland.

Old Ireland is returning, as an ancient evil arrives in Dublin. A single glance from his eye is all it takes to kill.

The Hounds of Hell (The Rebirth Cycle, Book 2)

Dogs are going wild in Galway, unable to be killed. Gathering around a black hound, they put Ireland at risk.

In the aftermath of Balor’s attack on Dublin City, Fionn Murray and Michael Curran travel back to Fionn’s hometown in Galway.

The Blood of Leap (The Rebirth Cycle, Book 3)

Europe’s most haunted castle, three heroes, one witch, more spirits than can be counted, and a tour group of innocent victims in waiting.

Following from the events of The Hounds of Hell, The Blood of Leap is the deadliest instalment to The Rebirth Cycle yet.

Old Gods & Wicked Things (The Rebirth Cycle, Companion Stories)

Old Ireland is returning. Across the nation, the old gods are stirring, and foreign gods are invading. Dark creatures are lurking in the shadows and the night, warping the minds of humans, falling in love, and searching for meaning.

Dublin’s Fierce City

Cupán Fae is the caffeine-filled home away from home for fantasy writers in Dublin.

In Dublin’s Fierce City, nine writers from the group present seventeen tales of magic and wonder. Explore a city of fairies and ghosts, where one is as bad as the other.

Avoid the curses of witches, and escape the wrath of angels and demons. Survive alien invasions and all out war, and come out the other side seeing the whole world differently.

Fierce Mighty

Cupán Fae is the caffeine-filled home away from home for writers in Ireland.

In Fierce Mighty, eight writers explore the world of caped-crusaders across Ireland. Discover an armoured god, a time-stopping girl, an ineffective villain, and more in tales of wonder, romance, crime and adventure.

Fierce New World

Cupán Fae is the caffeine-filled home away from home for fantasy writers in Dublin.

In Fierce New World, eight writers explore the depths of Science Fiction, from robots and time travel, to space exploration and mutant uprisings.

Stepping Forward

On August 25th 2010, Carl Doyle vanished into thin air right in front of his friends.

Since he left, Alan Darcy has had to put up with the public interest. Life goes on, changed forever. People blame him for Carl disappearing: friends, the media, the authorities. The first chance he gets, he flees the country.

Over a year later, Carl returns as mysteriously as he disappeared. With no recollection of where he’s been, who he is or why he left, he can only wait for Alan to come back home, and attempt to remember his life before stepping forward in time.