Presented by Cupán Fae

Cupán Fae is the caffeine-filled home away from home for fantasy writers in Dublin.

In Dublin’s Fierce City, nine writers from the group present seventeen tales of magic and wonder. Explore a city of fairies and ghosts, where one is as bad as the other.

Avoid the curses of witches, and escape the wrath of angels and demons. Survive alien invasions and all out war, and come out the other side seeing the whole world differently.

Writers: Tommy Arrigan, Ellen Brickley, Helen Carroll, Paul Carroll, Kat Dodd, Amy Fitzpatrick, Axel Kelly, Mark Kielty, Axel J Sparrow.

My stories: (1) The Legend of Timothy Wane, (2) The People’s Prophet, (3) Giant Issues, (4) Heat of the Moment