Plexus is a sci-fi anthology series, with stories written by Paul Carroll.

Issue #1 takes a focus on human interests and the connections that tie us together, across three short stories.

Glitch features art, colours and letters by Rebecca Reynolds, telling the tale of Shane Lewis – a teleporter in a world of superpowered individuals suffering from anxiety.

Shelter is a fall-out tale with art by Colm Griffin, and colours and letters by Paul Carroll. A father seeks a way to reach out to the world beyond the bomb shelter he’s survived in with his daughter.
Al is a 1950s Cyberpunk story about Doctors Shelley Stone and Marie Branch and their attempts to complete the Sick Day Protocol to save their son, Al, with art by Steve Mardo, and colours and letters by Paul Carroll.

Publication Date: August 10th, 2019.

Creative Team

Written by Paul Carroll
Art by Rebecca Reynolds, Colm Griffin, Steve Mardo
Colours by Rebecca Reynolds, Paul Carroll
Letters by Rebecca Reynolds, Paul Carroll
Cover by Paul Carroll


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