Turning Roads is an anthology of Irish folklore comics, retelling old myths and legends in modern and future settings. Utilising elements of science fiction, fantasy and magical realism, 18 creative teams – featuring over 30 comic creators from Ireland and abroad – have come together to create a collection like none other.

Edited by Paul Carroll.

Cover Art by Declan Shalvey.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter.



Ned Barnett, Fawn Blackwood, Hugo Boylan, David Browne, Jason Browne, Brian Burke, Paul Carroll, David B Cooper, Colin Craker, Richard Davidson, Josh Davison, Dominique Duong, Triona Farrell, David Ferguson, Aaron Fever, Clare Foley, Colm Griffin, Leeann Hamilton, Reese Hannigan, Dave Hendrick, Ember Johnstone, Mark Kielty, James Killian, Alice Leclert, Hugh Madden, Pete Marry, Aisling McGee, Gus Mendes, Gary Moloney, Emmet O’Brien, Colin O’Mahoney, Mari Rolin, Kerrie Smith, Josh Southall, Kato Thaggard, Steven Young.


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