Paul Carroll is a writer and comic creator from Dublin.

His work primarily focuses on the extraordinary, be that through magic, science or just downright chaotic.

He is a founding member of both Limit Break Comics and Cupán Fae, Dublin-based creative groups.

His obsessions include tea, foxes and spreadsheets.

Member of the Society of Authors Link

Making Magic with Prose

At present, Paul is working on two series of books: The Rebirth Cycle and The Black Pages, respectively examining Irish folklore and the occult. Drawing inspiration on childhood stories and small obsessions with magic and the undead, the books turn the world as we know it on its head.

With Cupán Fae, Paul organises genre- and theme-specific anthologies. To date, three books have been released, with launches at Dublin Comic Con, Octocon and WorldCon.

Breaking Limits with Comics

When Paul isn’t writing prose, he’s usually writing comics. Following the founding of Limit Break Comics in 2018, Paul has released three books under the label: Life & Death, Meouch, and Plexus.

Paul’s work in comics is a mix of short stories and long-form storytelling. As well as creating his own work with Limit Break, he writes The Wren with Buttonpress Publications.

Paul’s introduction to the Irish comic scene came with the production of his Master’s thesis document, CO/MIX. On the back of that, Paul became involved in the running of The Geek Mart, and ran a comics review site, Comix Ireland.

Creativity is King

Utilising an undergraduate degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Multimedia, Paul began the production of resources to help inspire and encourage creativity.

The first of these resources was Pocket Prompts, with the release of the first deck in October 2019.