The Case of Michael Lebbon

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    Welcome to the world of magic, death, cat puns and heroes. This is a place where literal Death tries to find his place in a world with a magical phonebook and no concept of personal space, while a college student is faced off against old gods, wicked monsters and a whole host of nasties from history and beyond; this is a place where cats are armed to the claw with more guns than they can carry, but they speak in cat puns whenever possible; this is the strange world of Paul Carroll.

    Come for the books, comics, illustrations and stay for a sense of humour that’s been broken and distorted by a life of writing and a stint working in a pun-filled t-shirt factory.

    About Paul

    Paul Carroll is a Dublin-based writer of science fiction, fantasy and horror, across prose and comics. He is best known for his work with Limit Break Comics, namely the myth-anthology trilogy of Turning Roads, Down Below, and Fractured Realms. His writing has been included in Twisting Time, Bright Neon Futures, The Agency Case Files, works by Buttonpress Publications, The Dark Side of Purity: Volume 3 (Bard of Bards), and more. Outside of his writing, Paul is the Chair of Octocon, the Irish National Science Fiction Convention, and helps to manage

    Books & Comics

    Explore the many worlds of Paul Carroll’s writing, from the magical mysteries of The Black Pages to the twists on mythology in Turning Roads.


    Explore the art and illustrations of Paul Carroll, dating back to his earliest Comic Con experiences and touching upon just some of his favourite heroes from comics and pop culture.

    Awards & Nominations

    Recipient of the Agility Award and the Literature Project Award by the Arts Council (Ireland)
    Evolution Programme with the Irish Writers Centre (2023-24)
    Nomination with Limit Break Comics for Best Publisher in the European Science Fiction Society Hall of Fame Awards (for work on Turning Roads & Down Below)
    Irish Times Best Graphic Novels of 2021 (Turning Roads)
    Irish Times Best Graphic Novels of 2022 (Down Below)
    Irish Examiner: 2022 in Comics and Graphic Novels (Down Below)
    Comic Book Yeti ICE Award for Exceptional Anthology 2022 (Down Below)


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