Erasure – My Black-out Poetry Chapbook

A little while ago, a woman gave out about blackout poetry (erasure poetry) on Twitter, and people got mad at her.

I’ve since started making my own. Below was my first attempt, having only the barest familiarity with them and having never done one before.

This weekend will see the launch of my first chapbook of poetry, Erasure. The book contains blackout poems created from public domain science fiction, fantasy and horror, including the one above. While it’s not the comics content I would have liked to launch at the Enniskillen Comic Fest, it’s still in-line in terms of genre expectations for the event.

Copies of the chapbook will be available on my store after the show.

I’ll be tabling at the event representing Limit Break Comics – the first time we’ll actually be there, in large part because of the pandemic, and also because I ended up in Glasgow last year when it was on. I’ll be annoying James Killian all weekend, too, who has a new silent comic out that I’ve been dying to get my hands on.

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