Find me at Thought Bubble!

One of the biggest pieces of news I have this week is about Thought Bubble, the largest comic festival in the UK. I first ventured into the convention’s halls in 2018 with Gary and Gareth from Limit Break Comics, when the event took place across multiple marquees and buildings in Leeds. We returned in 2019 to the new venue in the Harrogate Convention Centre, and now in 2021 we’ll be tabling for the first time with the event! In fact, the whole founding crew from will be there!

Follow the yellow-star road!
Aaron Fever, Hugh Madden and Clare Foley are in the Comixology Originals Hall
Limit Break Comics are in the Bubble Boy Hall

We’re all really looking forward to the event, which will see pushing the collective Irish brand, as well as giving Limit Break Comics its first shot at the UK market. We’ll have all five of our existing comics with us – and launching Turning Roads! – and may have a couple more tricks up our sleeve. Details TBC when I’m not throwing anyone under the bus. (Including myself.)

A big part of my prep for this is going to be ploughing through the remaining Kickstarter rewards as quickly as possible so I can focus my panic on Thought Bubble exclusively.

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