Plexus #2 on Kickstarter!

In July 2019, I launched my first ever Kickstarter to fund the printing of Plexus #1. That book contains stories illustrated by Rebecca Reynolds, Colm Griffin and Steve Mardo, telling science fiction stories with a focus on the human element.

Issue two is now live on Kickstarter, for which I’m joined by Donna A Black, Barry O’Sullivan and Leeann Hamilton. You may recognise Donna and Leeann from the Turning Roads Kickstarter; Donna contributed the Balor print, while Leeann was the artist on the final story in the book, written by Kerrie Smith. Barry O’Sullivan is a local artist to me, who’s mostly done work for himself, but recently worked with Richard Davidson on Pipeline. (The same Richard Davidson from Turning Roads – we small press folks like to share our collaborators!)

Plexus #2 deals with the monsters we encounter in our lives. Oneira, illustrated by Donna, has an internal battle at its core, where a man’s insecurities are amped up amid a mind boggling storm. In Run, with art by Barry O’Sullivan, an ambitious scientist rushes to his lab to try prevent the end of the world, certain that his latest invention is at its core. Finally, in Ghost, a man deals with a haunting spectre in his apartment that holds him accountable for the suffering in its life. Leeann Hamilton will be bringing her art to the story, along with her insights into science fiction horror and comics pacing generally. I’m blessed to get to work with her on this one!

If you like anthology comics, science fiction, and/or my writing, please consider checking out the Plexus #2 Kickstarter today.

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