Dublin Comic Con – March 2023

I’ll likely have a big ol’ proper update on the Limit Break Comics website soon enough about the convention, but here’s the short version. First, the Friday-night table set-up:

We really do need two tables to properly space everything out, but given how much material we have with our names on it – from Cupán Fae anthologies, to my novels, to books myself and Gary are published in, and all the Limit Break titles – it would have been a crime not to bring them with us.

Saturday’s big highlight was Seamus Kavanagh’s panel:

Seamus has been running these things for a few years now, and last August began branding them under Limit Break Comics as part of his push for more representation of the group at the convention. Joining him this time were Mari Rolin, Eoin Barclay and Rebecca Reynolds.

Rebecca, Eoin and Mari

It’s always fun to see who Seamus will get into the panel, and I’m told it went well. I was unfortunately unable to attend – the table needed some taking care of because of personal stuff with the little member of the LB family. Not to worry – I trust Seamus to do these panels justice!

On Sunday, I got to have a chat with David Leach of Titan Comics, before myself and Gary held our own talk. Busy day!

Seamus’s title card is prettier, but I’ll try hide my jealousy. The panel that myself and Gary ran focused on putting together a portfolio for comics, and pitching to anthologies. We have a bit of experience in that area. (Both as editors and as folks who’ve been in successful books… and books that have been a head ache.)

There we are now. I opened with a very brief history of Limit Break, so people in the audience would understand our credentials when it came to the really important stuff. (Yes, I showed covers, no I didn’t go into detail on them – the panel wasn’t a sales pitch!)

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