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The other big news I have this week is about Dublin Comic Con. I’ve already said I’ll be there, but now I can reveal that Limit Break Comics has two panels lined up for it!

I need a proper map, but in the meantime… there I am:

Now, onto the panels!

The Octocon crowd (who will be tabling on behalf of the convention on the opposite side of the hall to me) will be up first. At 12pm noon on Saturday, they’ll be talking about Wednesday – the Netflix show, not the day of the week.

Immediately after that, Seamus Kavanagh will be leading the first Limit Break Presents panel, where he’ll host a panel of three comic creators talking about their work. Eoin Barclay, Mari Rolin and Rebecca Reynolds (just confirmed by Seamus to me via text!) will be on the panel. The DCC site does not like special characters so it… slightly butchered Seamus’s panel description.

Then on Sunday, at 3pm, myself and Gary will be delivering a talk about the presentation of portfolios and pitches in small press comics anthologies. We have a little bit of experience in that area.

I will, hopefully soon, have better images (for advertising purposes) to show off instead of dodgy screenshots from the DCC website.

We won’t have a load of extras books at this event, but I have restocked on my novels and whatnot. They were selling out after Octocon… and then I didn’t replace them before MegaCon! Problem now solved. One added extra to the table is Bright Neon Futures, the hopeful cyberpunk prose anthology that Gary and I were published in a couple of years ago.

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