Turning Roads

Turning Roads is an anthology of Irish folklore comics, retelling old myths and legends in modern and future settings. Utilising elements of science fiction, fantasy and magical realism, 18 creative teams – featuring over 30 comic creators from Ireland and abroad – have come together to create a collection like none other.

Edited by Paul Carroll.

Cover Art by Declan Shalvey.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Published by Limit Break Comics.

Plexus #1

Plexus is a sci-fi anthology series, with stories written by Paul Carroll.

Issue #1 takes a focus on human interests and the connections that tie us together, across three short stories.

Featuring art by Rebecca Reynolds (Glitch), Colm Griffin (Shelter) and Steve Mardo (Al), letters and colours by Rebecca Reynolds (on Glitch) and Paul Carroll.

Cover by Paul Carroll

Published by Limit Break Comics.

Meouch #1 

Meouch is an action-comedy featuring a gun-toting, pun-cracking assassin cat named Frankie. In the series’ first issue, Frankie is up against a deadly little of killer cats known as the Nine Lives, whose handy work is getting in the way of his business.

Co-created with Gareth Luby, featuring colours by Joe Griffin and letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou.

Published by Limit Break Comics.

Life & Death

Life & Death is a collection of supernatural short stories, with ghosts and magic on one side (Orange) and zombies and vampires on the other (Green).

Featuring art by Gareth Luby (Mourning Coffee), Clare Foley (Blood Bounty), Katie Fleming (Death and Taxes) and Paul Carroll (Wake the Dead), colours and letters by Paul Carroll.

Covers by Gareth Luby.

Published by Limit Break Comics