Life & Death








Life & Death is a collection of supernatural short stories, with ghosts and magic on one side (Orange) and zombies and vampires on the other (Green).

Written by Paul Carroll; Art by Gareth Luby, Clare Foley, Katie Fleming, Paul Carroll; Colours and Letters by Paul Carroll; Covers by Gareth Luby

Meouch #1 

Meouch is an action-comedy featuring a gun-toting, pun-cracking assassin cat named Frankie. In the series’ first issue, Frankie is up against a deadly little of killer cats known as the Nine Lives, whose handy work is getting in the way of his business.





Meouch: Operation Bad Dog 

Meouch: Operation Bad Dog introduces Frankie – a fourth-wall breaking cat and internationally renowned assassin – on a mission to take out Doggo Shady at his own tower, Shady Co.

Filled with cartoon violence and cat puns, this is the world’s first introduction to Frankie.

Art by Gareth Luby, written and lettered by Paul Carroll




Frankie’s Big Book of Assassination

A step-by-step guide to assassination from the world’s most dangerous cat: Frankie. Taking the reader through precise planning with cat puns as deadly as the bullets he shoots, Frankie’s Big Book of Assassination is our hero’s time to shine as mentor to a new age of killers.

Cartoon violence, not for the squeamish or feint-of-heart.

Art by Gareth Luby, Written, Coloured and Lettered by Paul Carroll




How to Live With Your Cat (When Your Cat is an Internationally Renowned Assassin)

How to Live With Your Cat (When Your Cat is an Internationally Renowned Assassin) is the perfect companion to Meouch comics, and an ideal gift for the cat-lover in your life. As true to life as a comic about a cat – Frankie – that’s an assassin can be.

Art by Gareth Luby, Written and Lettered by Paul Carroll





Frankie’s First Colouring And Activity Book for Grown Up Kids

Created at gun-point by Paul Carroll and Gareth Luby, Frankie’s First Colouring and Activity Book for Grown Up Kids is the perfect accompaniment to Meouch comics. Featuring cat puns, drawing exercises, and colouring pages – some straight from the books, others completely new for the book – and printed on thick paper to make it last, this is your first chance to colour in Frankie.

Included in the book is a chance to design a weapon for Frankie for inclusion in a future Meouch comic!