IrishComics.ie – Coming Soon!

A while ago, some friends and I got together on our regular Zoom call and decided to start a website together. Somehow, we acquired IrishComics.ie.

The website will function as a shared blogging platform for Irish comic creators, acting as a home for webcomics. Our line-up is currently being revealed on our social media channels, but I can spoil the finale by saying that my comic with Clare will be hosted through IrishComics.ie before it shows up anywhere else in the world.

The initial phase of the project will see five pages posted per week – one a day, Monday through Friday – until we’ve found our feet. We have a mix of short and long comics, with plans to bring in more creators over time.

It’s so far received a warm response from the Irish comic community, which came as a relief. Like Turning Roads, this site is organised by one person (or in this case, four) but designed to service the wider community. It’s a long-term engagement, and will take some time to really start showing what the community is capable of, but it’ll allow for a central hub of Irish comics that hasn’t existed before. (And trust me, I’ve looked.)

The site officially launched on July 10, 2021, with the first pages of each of the five comics. From the Monday following (July 12), the second pages will be posted and we’ll be entering the schedule in earnest.

Head on over to subscribe to the site to get regular updates – and forgive me for reposting information on Kickstarter in a couple of days. I’m very proud of my little online baby.

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