Thought Bubble 2021

This past weekend, myself and Gareth Luby met in Harrogate to represent Limit Break Comics at Thought Bubble. There, we were able to launch Turning Roads, bring our books to a UK show for the first time, and meet some fellow creators. It was a fun, but exhausting weekend, and though it was clear the pandemic had affected attendance, we were still buzzing after the show. It never fails to get us excited about comics.

We were able to shift a few books over the couple of days, and got some eyes on the pins for the first time at an in-person convention. It was nice to be able to display the Declan Shalvey cover art for Turning Roads, too, which will be making its way onto my wall as soon as I get a frame for it.

Aside from maybe a small market or two, this is the last time we’ll be behind the table until the first con of 2022 which, hopefully, will be in March. It’s a good thing it was a good one, then!

Thought Bubble made for a wonderful return to comic conventions. We’re looking forward to doing it all again next year. (Fingers crossed!)

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