Turning Roads has gone to print!

The day has finally arrived – Turning Roads has been sent to print!

I finished up work on the book last night after spending all day Sunday in bed, taking my finalised order and using it to create the cover and the credits pages. Rich, from Comic Printing UK, had sent a template for the cover a while back, so I was able to add in the spine as well without having to wait for a response on dimensions from him – he did the hard part for me!

So, now that I’m playing the waiting game, I can share this:

It’s insane to think this book didn’t have a cover until the start of March. I still remember where I was when Declan sent me the inks, sitting on a friend’s couch after helping him move into a new house eating pizza and drinking pre-made cans of rum and cola. That same night, Duna Haller from Comic Watch had emailed to organise a video interview, and the book was more than halfway funded.

At that point, I already knew who was involved in the project, and the stories they were going to tell, and once I hit the target I knew the book would be happening.

It’s been a wonderful journey so far, and getting to share the cover – and getting to send the book to print! – is a milestone that I’ve been waiting for for a long time.

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