New Zines for 2022

Thanks to my limited budget for most of the last two years, I haven’t gotten to make a lot of new comics (because paying artists is expensive, but I won’t let anyone work for free). We launched everything from during the pandemic in March. So now… we’re making some zines!

I’ve been working on a few for myself and Gary, with Gareth working on a cover for one of Gary’s. In the meantime, here’s two of mine!

This one is a weirdly autobiographical little book about being a twin. For those who don’t know, I have an identical twin brother. He’ll be tabling beside me at Dublin Comic Con. That’s not why I made the zine. I’ve been thinking about it for ages, and now seemed like the right time!

To join it, I have a zine about the many rules to surviving a horror movie according to the Scream franchise. (Not including the television show, which was… a whole thing.)

I’ve work to do on a few more zines this week, and then we’ll have info on them on the Limit Break site. They’re all different from one another, looking at themes and topics that we’re passionate about.

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