Limit Break Updates & Dublin Comic Con

At the moment, there’s not a huge amount to say from the Limit Break Comics’ front that wasn’t already mentioned in the awards section.

The pitches for Down Below are still being sorted through. We received more than five times as many pitches for the book as we did for Turning Roads, so it’s taking slightly longer to narrow down our choices.

We’re currently sitting on a few announcements and cover reveals. There are a number of books we have in the works, and as soon as we know which are definitely launching at Dublin Comic Con in March, we’ll be able to do our big push.

What I can say is:

  • Meouch #2 has been fully coloured by Rebecca Nalty and is currently with our letterer, the wonderful Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou.
  • Plexus #2 is close to being finished. I’ve some work to do on two of the stories, and Leeann Hamilton is currently painting the third. I squee with excitement every time she sends me an update.
  • A multi-genre collection is almost complete; I’m working with a couple of creators on it. We have a wee bit of time before I need to chase them for final pages. (I also have to letter my story for it, illustrated by the amazing Rebecca Reynolds, who worked her magic on Glitch in Plexus #1.) The book is coming, hopefully in March.

All of this is in preparation for the biggest convention in Ireland: Dublin Comic Con.

Conventions like this became a big part of my life… right before the world ended. Our last DCC was in 2019, right before Dublin 2019. Over the space of two weeks, I spent 11 days in the convention centre in Dublin. That was the last time I was there. I feel deprived.

Four and a half weeks to go. A little bit of work to do to get ready. Let’s gooooo.

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